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 Nancy Nagel
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Custom Fused Glass & Art Glass   
Custom Lampwork, Lapidary, Beads & Art Glass

Welcome to the whimsical world of Nancy Nagel’s glass art. All of my creations are hand blown using a torch and are sculpted from borosilicate glass (a durable hard glass). Every sculpture is a one of a kind creation and is based on my love of nature and humor. I use my limitless imagination to bring the spirit of the animal kingdom to a whole new dimension. My award winning sculptures are sold in a variety of galleries throughout the United States.

The Tattooed Piggy - This wonderfully, whimsical pig sitting on a cushy, turquoise pillow was designed to be part of a recent glass show that featured tattoos etched on glass. My idea came from a story that I read about how real pigs are being used to practice tattoos on. The pigs in this story were exclusively in China... I don't think this would be allowed in the US. It struck me as funny and sad at the same time.

To see my NEW creations that are now available, look for the items marked NEW by clicking on the Perfume Bottles and Glass Ornaments links on the left. Also, don't miss the new link Cake Toppers. (If you don't see the Cake Toppers link on the left hover over the All Products link and Cake Toppers will be at the very bottom of list that pops up.) Cake Toppers should be a big hit for anyone planning a wedding or anniversary.

Last year’s bull dog perfume bottle sitting in Bandu’s kinetic children’s wagon and Extreme Pyro can be viewed by clicking on the Glass Sculptures link on the left.

Thank you for your interest in my web site. If you want to purchase any of my products please either call me at 760-415-7164 or email me at nancynagel52@yahoo.com or click on Contact Us above or below and let me know what what I can make for you. --Nancy


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