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Rattles of the Past

Rattles of the Past

Glass Rattle: The Rattle is a very special glass creation. They are sculptures as well as percussion instruments. They are whimsical hollow animal forms, they are attached to a latichino handle. These rattles are older retired designs. click here to see more.

Ancient History Perfume Bottles

Ancient History Perfume Bottles

Perfume Bottles - Click here to see a large variety of perfume bottle designes already retired. Or use thee as ideas to contact Nancy for your own cuspom perfume bottle design.

Coyote Gourds of Long Ago

Coyote Gourds of Long Ago

Coyote Gourds of Long Ago - Click here so see a few of Nancy's hand painted coyote gourds. Nancy once collected coyote gourds in the Sonoran desert. She then dried and prepared them to be painted. These are just a few of the gourds that she gave away and sold.


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