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Fortune Cookie Ornament  
Fortune Cookie Ornament

Dimensions: 2 inches by 1 1/2 inches

This is a Fortune Cookie Ornament. It is the same size as the edible Chinese version that is about 2 inches long. It was designed to be transparent so that the colorful fortune inside can be viewed easily. This fortune cookie is an ornament and has a glass loop that allows it to be hung. Each cookie can be custom ordered with your favorite saying or color. The length of the saying should be 50 characters including spaces. That is approximately 10 words. If more words are desired the font will be made smaller. This Fortune Cookie has been created to be a special keepsake.

To order a fortune cookie ornament either click on Contact us below and give me all the information about what you want or call me at (760)415-7164.   Thank you,  Nancy

 - a little more Fortune Cookie  information:

Although fortune cookies are a modern invention, a legend has been developed and circulated to explain their origins. According to this legend, in the 14th century, when the Mongols ruled China, a revolutionary named Chu Yuan Chang planned an uprising against them. He used mooncakes to pass along the date of the uprising to the Chinese by replacing the yolk in the center of the mooncake with the message written on rice paper. The Mongols did not care for the yolks, so the plan went on successfully and the Ming Dynasty began. It is claimed that the Moon Festival celebrates this with the tradition of giving mooncakes with messages inside. Immigrant Chinese railroad workers, without the ingredients to make regular mooncakes, made biscuits instead. It is these biscuits that may have later inspired fortune cookies.   (Source Wikipedia.)


Price: $30.00

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