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The Watchful Eye Sculpture  
The Watchful Eye Sculpture

This photo is an overall view of the watchful eye. The center of the sculpture focuses on a sandcast glass building. This building houses many internal government secrets. The characters running around the building represent the various minority groups that have been targeted and ridiculed for not being part of mainstream society. The white happy face mask in the sculpture are a way that the figures can integrate into society without being noticed. The animal figures that are represented include the black cat, it represents black America, the female frog and her baby, she represents the single mothers, the Muslim monkey which represents all faiths other than Christian, the poodle, he represents guy America, the lizards represent homeless people,and the rasta bird represents the safe and healthly alternative drug use in America.
All glass sculptures are custom ordered and designed.  Please either email Nancy by clicking on "Ask us a Question!" below or call Nancy at the number on the left to discuss your custom sculpture.

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