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Custom Fused Glass & Art Glass   


Top Category » Gallery: Past Works » Ancient History Perfume Bottles

Bee My Honey Perfume Bottle
This is a mini scent.
Blue Bird of Happiness Perfume Bottle
This bird is one happy feather friend!

Cool Cat Perfume Bottle
Hey Man, I am one cook cat!
Donkey Perfume Bottle
This donkey is ready to haul your perfume!

Drummer Bear Perfume Bottle
Happy Little Drummer Bear
Foxy Perfume Bottle
Every foxy lady needs a perfume bottle like this.

Jumping Bird Perfume Bottle

Jumping through the mini perfume bottle is this birds mission.


Kangaroo Perfume Bottle
Kangaroo from down under!

Leaping Frog Perfume Bottle

Jumping through the mini perfume bottle is this frogs mission.

Night and Day Hey Hey Perfume Bottle

Party Bird Perfume Bottle
Rock and Rock, this is one party animal!
Piggly Wiggly Perfume Bottle

The pig head and tail project out from the tightly coiled pastel colored bottle.

The Bob Cats Meow Perfume Bottle

The Stinkle Bottle Perfume Bottle

When Pigs Fly Perfume Bottle
Rouge animal perfume bottle with pig perfume stopper.


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